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Pediatric Optometry Services


Pediatric Optometrist Dr. Pete Davis
Conducting A Specialized Eye Exam

The Importance Of Comprehensive Pediatric Eye Examinations For School Children

Regular vision exams are important for children throughout the school-age years, even for those exhibiting 20/20 vision. This is because a child can exhibit 20/20 vision but still have an undetected vision issue that may be interfering with their ability to learn. It is particularly important and highly recommended that any child who is considered as having a Reading or Language Skill Disability, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a learning disability (LD) or Dyslexia, to have a thorough eye examination and Visual Perceptual / Developmental Vision Evaluation.

Perceptual And Developmental Eye Test Services

Mt. Juliet Family Vision offers highly specialized eye evaluations that examine all components of perceptual vision. Simply stated, visual perception is the total process of vision; the understanding of what one sees.

Children's Learning Related Vision Problems

Our Certified Pediatric Optometrist, Dr. Pete Davis, can assist your children with vision issues that may be affecting their learning abilities, with specialized testing, expert evaluations, proper eye care, and/or vision therapy.

Pediatric Optometrist Supervised Vision Therapy

If necessary, we offer Vision Therapy for children. Vision therapy, sometimes called Vision Training, Orthoptics or simply eye exercises, is a functional approach for correcting the effects of eye movement disorders, binocular (eye teaming) dysfunctions such as Convergence Insufficiency, amblyopia (lazy eye) and certain visual perceptual disorders when glasses alone are insufficient.

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